Karuna Reiki

 Karuna Reiki® the Next Step for Reiki Masters

Karuna is a Sanskrit name and means “compassionate action”. I taught Usui Reiki for over 5 years. Then I went to Sedona to the “Peace Place” with teacher Laurelle Gaia to become registered in the Karuna Reiki® Program. My third eye was opened up even more then it was already, increasing my intuition. My Healing energy had also increased tremendously, with an intense vibration in my hands. I found that I use these Karuna symbols every day of my life. I had become more compassionate and began working with Quin Yin more often along with my other Guides and Masters. It was also great to be able to teach a new class as well.

Karuna Reiki® is complete with two levels 1 & 2 each level is a one day class.

Those who receive the attunements report experiences with their guides, angels, and higher self and feel the healing presence of other enlightened beings.


Karuna Reiki assists with:

  • Enhancing your intuition & deepening your awareness of your Divine connection
  • Transmuting fear & karma
  • Healing past life issues
  • Releasing trauma/abuse
  • Clearing cellular memory
  • Stepping into your Divine Power& creating peace
  • Grounding, Manifestation

Class includes the following:

  • Self-healing meditation to assist in removing blocks to our progress, and unhealthy energetic connections with other people and situations.
  • Instruction and practice in giving and receiving Karuna Reiki® sessions using all the symbols.
  • Instruction and practice in giving attunements for Karuna Reiki® Practitioner and Master levels.
  • Chanting and toning with Karuna Reiki® frequencies.
  • Class manual is included and certificate from “ICRT”.

Class hours: 9-5

Cost: Karuna I – $299. Karuna II  – $299.

A deposit of $150. holds your place for Karuna I or II.

Sunday June 4th, 2017 “Karuna Reiki 1” special rate through May 30th $199.!


Karuna Reiki Level I – $299 Karuna Reiki Level II – $299
Karuna Reiki Level I or II Deposit – $150
Karuna Reiki Level I & II – $549 Karuna Reiki Leve I & II Deposit – $249