Usui Reiki

Reiki Training for Certification

Do you have the gift or Healing?
Or have you ever wanted to learn to Heal yourself or others?


Although I was born with many gifts of spirit I did’nt know what to do with them. As a child, I was afraid of these psychic abilities and had no one to share them with. After I took my first Reiki 1 class in my mid 30s, my life had changed forever. I now knew my life’s purpose. There is nothing more rewarding then to help the Divine to create Healers in this world.


I am a member of “The International Association of Reiki Professionals”

Reiki is the energy balancing method that anyone can learn.

Includes the following:

  • What is Reiki? The Reiki story
  • Invocation & Protection Technique’s
  • The Reiki Hand positions for yourself & others
  • Practice session to both give &  receive a Reiki treatment
  • 3 Pillars of Reiki
  • Meditation to meet your Reiki Master
  • Introduction to the Chakra System
  • Hayashi Healing Guide
  • Reiki 1 Manual

Usui Reike III Symbol - Denise Singerline - Chakra Balance
Reiki II Workshop

Includes the following:

  • Sacred Reiki symbols & how to use them
  • Intro to the Violet Flame
  • Sound Healing Reiki meditation with the crystal singing bowls
  • Long Distant Healing Technique
  • Diving deeper into the Chakra System
  • Japanese Reiki Technique’s
  • Spirit release & cutting cords
  • Reiki Practice session individual & group
  • Reiki II manual

The class’s are a combination of lecture, discussion, experience and hands on Healing. An Attunement is given both days (also known as a sacrament, a spiritual transfer of energy from Teacher to Student to open your healing centers).


Class hours: 9-5

Class fees:  Reiki I is Sunday March 5th, 2017

  • Reiki I – $99 (Early Bird)
  • Reiki I Deposit –  $50 – Balance due the first day of class
  • Reiki II – $199
  • Reiki II Deposit – $100 – Balance due the first day of class


Reiki 1 – $99 (Early Bird)
Reiki 1 Deposit – $50
Reiki 1 – $125
Reiki II – $225 Reiki II Deposit – $100