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T'ai Chi Chih - Denise Singerline - Accredited TeacherJust about 15 years ago, I took my first T’ai Chi Chih class from a gorgeous retired Priest in N.J. I have suffered from back problems all of my life. Later on, I found I had scoliosis and at 47 years old had 2 major back surgeries.

Although I loved yoga, many of the positions I could not do. So after trying T’ai Chi Chih, and never hurting myself, it was easy and I was hooked.

I found it had the same energy as yoga. I also had a hard time sitting in silence in meditation. T’ai Chi Chih provided me the same meditation benefits, although I was moving with 19 positions and 1 pose.

The first class I ever taught at my church was T’ai Chi Chih which is a combination of both Chi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan. I found that T’ai Chi Chih not only balanced me on all levels, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally, but also gave me energy. Later I spent a week in California to become an Accredited Teacher and have been teaching ever since.

Looking for better health? Happiness? Peace of mind? “Nothing is more important than knowing how to circulate and balance the Intrinsic Energy, the Vital Force of the body, known as Chi in Chinese,” says T’ai Chi Chih® founder Justin Stone, now 94 years old.

“The rewards in good health, wisdom, serenity, and longevity are great for the one who learns the ancient principles and applies them in a modern way.” Justin Stone

T’ai Chi Chih does not require a particular level of physical fitness or coordination. The very old and very young alike can learn it. T’ai Chi Chih is not a martial art and is completely nonviolent.

Studies show T’ai Chi Chih may:

  • Joy
  • Improved health
  • Improve circulation
  • Promote Relaxation
  • Relief of joint pain
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Heighten awareness
  • Improve coordination
  • Balance blood pressure
  • Facilitate weight control
  • Relief of migraine headaches
  • Aids with depression & anxiety

“I just wanted to thank you again for being our Tai Chi instructor at “Lutheran Church of the Foothills”. It was such a positive experience for everyone and I know that I am benefiting so much from the practice of Tai Chi. You are such a calm person and that calmness flowed through us on Thursday evenings as we learned the various movements. I’ve done Reiki and Tai Chi two afternoons in a row and my energy level is amazing! Thank you so much! It was great!”
RuthAnne Tucson, Az 2011

Denise Singerline - Chakra Balance

Accredited T'ai Chi Chih Teachers

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T'ia Chi Chih - Denise Singerline - Accredited Teacher

Find more about T’ai Chi Chih at http://www.taichichih.org