Personal Reading & Past Life Regressions

When I was a child, my Dad and I played cards a lot. I use to read my Dad’s mind all the time without realizing it. He would say “Denise you are so perceptive like my Mother was.” I thought everyone could do this until I got older and realized that it was just me. So I had to hide my abilities and keep it to myself. It was hard going to school knowing what the other students we’re thinking about me.

I’ve found that we we’re all born with these abilities. Many children are already turned on with their abilities. Then society tells them no you can’t do that, and they start to shut down. So many times when we say “I knew it, I should have listened to my gut feeling.” That’s all it is, paying attention and learning to trust the information given to you. Your “Gifts of Spirit’ or intuition is like a muscle, if you practice it will grow.  I’ve learned to turn it on and off like a light switch.

Spiritual Law states that you can’t read anyone without their permission. I honor this Law.

I use a combination of Clairvoyance and Tarot Cards for your session by phone, skype or in person. While using the cards as a tool to focus, I ask for my ego to step aside, so that the Divine Spirit Guides and Angels can communicate through me. I then ask my Guides to talk to my Client’s Guides so I can help the client for their highest good. I receive the information as a symbol in my mind, a voice in my head from the Divine, watching a video playing in my 3rd eye, a thought or feeling that comes down. Many Clients have come back to me at a later date stating that my information was right on.

Personal Readings with Denise in person, skype or by phone.

Personal Reading: Mystical Clairvoyance is a person born with “Gifts of Spirit” bringing forth knowledge and wisdom from previous lifetimes. This reading provides information from past, present and future. You can ask any questions you like. Available 1/2 hour or 1 hour. Please see PayPal button below. Gift certificates available.

12 month Forecast: This reading can start any time of the year, it’s perfect for your birthday. 1 card is drawn for each month of the year. 1 hour Reading. Gift certificates available.


 Past Life Regressions

I had my 1st Past Life Regression from my Spiritual Teacher Jessica during her class. I experienced being a child in Mexico and my Father was the Preacher in a small Church. My child was my Brother Terry in this lifetime. Terry held my hand when I died, then he became the next Preacher. My 2nd Regression was with David Miller, a Pastor from the “United Fellowship Chapel.” I was a Tibetan Monk along with a thousand other Monks walking up a hill. I was taken to the back of the Temple and read from the “Vedas,” a holy book. I always was attracted to Tibetan artifacts that I’d purchase, now I knew why. Years later, I was giving a Chakra Balance session to my new Teacher Munishwarji. When I was at his throat chakra, I saw a huge Prayer Wheel spinning with Divine light and knew that we both had a Past Life together in Tibet. After the Healing he said “Yes my sources say that is true.”

We have all lived thousands of Past Lives. Sometimes we have a bleed through, a portal that is still open that was carried into this life. It may manifest as a fear, bad habit or illness. With a Regression, we can uncover the issue and seal the portal closed and resolve it. During a Regression, we can also find out our current karma that we need to live out. Our goal in this Lifetime is to become the highest spiritual state that we can, so we don’t need to come back and work it out in the next lifetime. If we don’t resolve our issues, as my Hari Krishna friends says “there’s another Body coming!” I’m ready to get off of this karmic wheel how about you?

Past Life Regressions in person only.

“Denise, that was the best past life experience I ever had. ”
~ Elisabeth Scherer

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Personal Readings
1 Hour – $70
Personal Readings
1/2 Hour – $40
Past Life Regressions
1 1/2 – 2 Hours – $125