Interfaith Minister

“I was a Professional Photographer for 12 years in NJ. My business was called “Weddings by Nisey.” I had witnessed many types of wedding ceremonies over the years of many different faiths and religions. After moving to Arizona, I had taken 2 1/2 yeas of Ministry training through “The Church of Tamara” Tucson Az where I was ordained as a Minister on February 17, 2008.

While performing my Healing work, I would receive a lot of information in my clients aura that I had needed to relay back to my client. By having a ministers license, it provided me with counseling services. Now I find that many of my clients ands students are asking me to perform their wedding ceremonies. It has been an honor for me to provide this service. I’ve been know to step in when necessary to help in posing some of the bride & groom photos as well!”

Interfaith Minister - Denise Singerline Foster - Chakra Balance - Wedding Ceremonies -

By becoming an Interfaith Minister, I have an understanding of the world’s major wisdom traditions, practices, and rituals. I am not affiliated with a formal religious body, such as a church or synagogue. Although I am not attached to any religious body, I do very much enjoy going to formal services and participating in worship and rituals of many faiths, in Eastern, Western and earth-based traditions. Interfaith does not rival traditional religions but serves as an inclusive spiritual addition. There are many ways: One Truth” meaning that there is only one God/Truth with many wonderful and sacred paths leading to the Source of All.

I provide you with a selection of services to chose from and customize it for each couple. However, I have had clients write their own ceremonies as well, asking me to add to it. Its very rewarding for me to be able to perform these special services. The beauty of an Interfaith ceremony is that it can include anything your heart desires and be held at a venue to suit your needs. Recent requests have included a hand fasting ceremony.

“Initiation into the Temple of Inner Self”
Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage of North America
An Interfaith organization bringing both Jesus & Shiva together



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A consultation prior to your service is included. Travel time may be added to the service due to location.

2 Hours of Service
Deposit $100.00
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