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Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

I was introduced to Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils from my first spiritual teacher “Nancy Fuchs Weber”.

Nancy was a former nurse turned Psychic Detective. I hadn’t seen her in years, then met her at her home in NJ on a trip back to visit my family. As usual the stress of family, gave me a kidney infection. Nancy had seen it right away, and gave me a bottle of Essential Oils called “Thieves” which acts as a natural antibiotic. I was told to take 10 drops in a vegetable capsule twice a day. In 3 days the infection was gone.

So I signed up to become a Young Living Essential Oil distributor. After 1 week of using various oils, I felt so much lighter, more spiritual. The oils are a way of life for me.

Usage of Oils

The oils molecule structure matches closely to our blood. Therefore, when the oils are applied topically, they enter your bloodstream within 20 seconds.

  • Diffusing
  • Inhalation
  • Aromatherpy
  • Annointing Oils
  • Topical application
  • Internal consumption
  • Cooking with Essential Oils
  • Oils for your medicine cabinet

Raindrop Technique

For Balancing and Rejuvenating the Mind and Body, promoting Energy & Vitality. A selection of 9 different Oils are applied to the neck, back and feet. These Oils contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which may boost your immune system. These Therapeutic Grade Oils can bring about electrical alignment in the spine. Benefits include: ease of pain, depression reduction, builds up immune system & increased energy.

Raindrop Healing Technique Session – 90 minutes $75

Essential Oil Workshop – Includes Manual, and Raindrop Technique Demo – $79