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Bamboo Flute, Crystal Bowls & Chaka Chants             Sunday Sept 17th, 2017 3pm-5:30pm

Special event in 4 parts: Powerful Chakra chants, guided meditation, Bamboo Flute and crystal singing bowl concert.

Chakra Chants: I recently did this class and had rave reviews, it’s very powerful. Each chakra has a sanskrit seed syllable sound that activates, cleanses and balances each chakra. We will chant these sounds, which can put you in an alpha dream/meditation state.

Guided Meditation. I channel these meditations. This meditation will tie into the flute.

Bamboo Flute: This month I am honored to have my friend Richard Robbins play his meditative Flutes. Richard has been playing in many arenas, you can hear his music beautiful here? Entitled “Maroon Bells, Colorado. “

Crystal Singing Bowl Concert: This is the part where you get to relax and absorb these healing tones. The Healing Tones produced by “Crystal Singing Bowls” are not just heard by ear, but can also be felt in your physical body, touching the essence of your soul. Each of the 7 Bowls resonate to a different Chakra, musical note, color as well as various organs in your body. Singing Bowls along with toning and chanting may produce Healing effects. This modality is known for relaxation, stress and pain removal as well as self awareness. You can bring your yoga mat if you’d like.

August was sold out. My room can fit 30 people comfortably. For this special event, to be guaranteed a spot please, please purchase here with credit card at ” ” just copy and paste on your browser. If you cant make it last minute, your credit will be applied to a future event. Exact change will be also be excepted at the door. Due to security reasons, the doors will be locked at 3:10 with no access to the building, so please arrive early. $15.

1730 NE Expressway NE, Atlanta. Take the Clairmont Exit off of Rt 85 and follow the signs for “Access Road South.” pass McCullough & Assoc then turn into Spiritual Living Center. If you pass Floor & Decor you’ve to far. Please enter the front door that faces the highway with the blue awning and come up the atrium steps to the 2nd floor.

Namaste, Denise

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Great experience! The sound fills the room and seems to float through your body.
~Byron Douglas


Psychic & Intuitive Development Class

Sundays at 4 pm Location: “The Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta” 2nd floor, 1730 NE Expressway NW, Atlanta, 30329. $5.

Please join me on Meetup for class topics, announcements and cancellations, please subscribe to “Organizers Messages.”

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Reviews for Psychic & Intuitive Development Classes:

“The classes feed the spirit, Denise is an exquisite soul who’s wisdom are inspiring and the group is a joy to be with. Attending this Meetup is the highlight of my week.  If I win the lottery, I will buy Denise an Ashram!”
— Alicia on Mar 28, 2014

“ Each week I look forward to Denise’s class to not only learn from the subjects being taught and experience the beautiful meditations but to also listen to and feel the beautiful energy of her playing the crystal bowls. Whether you are a student of many years or relatively new to esoteric sciences, her classes are very enjoyable and beneficial! Thank you, Denise! ”
— Kareemah Hadi on Mar 13, 2013

“ I strongly urge anyone who is starting to learn or wants to learn how to use their third eye attend this class.”
— Jonathan Awad on Jan 18, 2013.

I visited Atlanta last month and was looking to receive a reading/energy healing during my trip. I’m on the spiritual path and have learned to trust my intuition when choosing a qualified practitioner, and as I was researching I just couldn’t seem to find anyone that felt right. I visited the Botanical Garden my first day and met a man that volunteered there who suggested I contact Denise Singerline Foster, whom he had taken several classes with. I followed his suggestion and am so happy that I did! Denise was able to fit me in and I met her at the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta. Denise has such a warm loving energy about her, from the moment we met I knew I was in the right place. After a quick intake, I was right on her healing table and the session began. I don’t want to go into too much detail as each person’s experience should be unique and personal, but in my healing she utilized a combination of chakra balancing, Tibetan singing bowls, essential oils and crystals. It was such a soothing experience and I quickly slipped into a meditative state while the healing took place. Afterward we talked about what I saw/felt and what Denise read from me as she performed the healing. There were several specific areas where she described aspects of my life where I’ve been struggling with recently with almost disarming accuracy and zero prompting from me at all. It was a truly beautiful experience and I left that day feeling a combination of peace, joy and gratitude. I’ve received energy healings from a variety of mediums and energy healing practitioners across the country, and I can confidently say that Denise is one of THE BEST! I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual guidance, energy healing or if you are simply curious and looking to embark on your own spiritual journey. Thank you Denise for the amazing experience and healing you shared with me. I truly hope our paths cross again!! Wishing only the highest and best for you always! 🙂 Jarrett Hanley

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