Chakra Balance Healing Session

Chakra Balance Healing Session

A Restored Energy Flow

The Chakra System in the subtle body, with each Chakra resonating to different colors, sounds, crystals, precious stones, symbols, emotions and bodily organs. Stress, environment, people’s energy and emotions can block our chakras and put us out of balance.


I tune into a high vibrational “Divine Energy” frequency, that is directed into the Client. Your session begins with Essential Oils applied to your feet and wrists with Lavender for relaxation. Both Awaken and Frankincense are applied to your forehead for awareness. I place a set of chakra bags over each Chakra, containing both crystals and stones that activate, clear and balance your Chakras. Sound healing with the crystal singing bowls and tuning forks are used during your session. Energy work, psychic surgery, intuition and divine symbols are applied. Your session is completed with a consultation to go over what was found in your chakras and energy field.

Chakra Balancing has been found to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Open & clear the chakras
  • Increased energy & clarity
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Dissolve blocked energy patterns
  • Balance the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies

Denise is the most peaceful, spiritual, healer/teacher I have ever met. I have been seeing Denise for several years for chakra balancing every four weeks. It is like coming home for my spirit to be in her amazingly pure spiritual energy.  She has been my spiritual life coach…. healing and encouraging with her uplifting intuitive insights. Blessings…. Sue Kelly

I visited Atlanta last month and was looking to receive a reading/energy healing during my trip. I’m on the spiritual path and have learned to trust my intuition when choosing a qualified practitioner, and as I was researching I just couldn’t seem to find anyone that felt right. I visited the Botanical Garden my first day and met a man that volunteered there who suggested I contact Denise Singerline Foster, whom he had taken several classes with. I followed his suggestion and am so happy that I did! Denise was able to fit me in and I met her at the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta. Denise has such a warm loving energy about her, from the moment we met I knew I was in the right place. After a quick intake, I was right on her healing table and the session began. I don’t want to go into too much detail as each person’s experience should be unique and personal, but in my healing she utilized a combination of chakra balancing, Tibetan singing bowls, essential oils and crystals. It was such a soothing experience and I quickly slipped into a meditative state while the healing took place. Afterward we talked about what I saw/felt and what Denise read from me as she performed the healing. There were several specific areas where she described aspects of my life where I’ve been struggling with recently with almost disarming accuracy and zero prompting from me at all. It was a truly beautiful experience and I left that day feeling a combination of peace, joy and gratitude. I’ve received energy healings from a variety of mediums and energy healing practitioners across the country, and I can confidently say that Denise is one of THE BEST! I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual guidance, energy healing or if you are simply curious and looking to embark on your own spiritual journey. Thank you Denise for the amazing experience and healing you shared with me. I truly hope our paths cross again!! Wishing only the highest and best for you always! 🙂 Jarrett Hanley

Sessions are $70. And run about 1:15 to 1:30 hours


Chakra Balance Healing
Session – $70
Chakra Balance Healing Session
Gift Certificate – $70